Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Publishing again.

I've got an article and a review in the latest Marginalia. It is the 2006 Cambridge year book so all the articles are MPhil essays recommended by faculty. Mine is the one I was working on a year ago to be handed in at the beginning of January.

Online journals have a funny status in academia. Some people say they wouldn't have them on their CV. But I'm quite happy to have published a few articles online. At this stage in my career (where I'm not sure I've got a 'c' let alone an 'areer') it's good to get things to a wider audience.

Anyway, click the link and it'll make the Marginalia website look *really* popular!!

Monday, December 11, 2006

LJ and blog

Since I started LJing, this blog has ground to a resounding halt. I think LJ has won out because of the community aspect: I have friends on LJ who read and comment on my posts just as I read and comment on their post.

However, I needed my username for Blogger to be able to post on another site and realised I should update it, not least because the previous entry contains good news which is now out-of-date. The novel I was so positive about in February has recently been the cause of much wailing and gnashing of teeth. My redrafting has not achieved what the agent wanted and so I'm left wondering what to do next. I'm going to allow a few weeks of space between the email which broke this news to me and the impulse to tear into the manuscript and rewrite. I think I still believe in the novel... it's just not quite ready yet.