Thursday, August 13, 2009

10 rows to go!

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will I stay awake long enough to complete it tonight?

Knit a poem

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The Poetry Society is celebrating its centenary with a knitted poem and I was one of many knitters who responded to a call for participants. My letter is a W and is well underway. We've got an active group over on Ravelry and the whole thing is proving to be very enjoyable...

... apart, that is, from my letter. I don't do intarsia. I don't like having all the dangling bits of yarn behind the work; I seem to spend more time detangling the yarn than actually knitting. Plus I managed to decide I'd misread the chart, frog several rows and redo it backwards, realise I was right the first time and have to do it all over again. Then just in case enough things hadn't already happened to this project, my new Knitpicks needle snapped. The lovely customer service person at Getknitted is going to send me a new needle when they have 3.5mm tips back in stock. Meanwhile, I've been carrying on with the letter using the remaining half of the Knitpicks needle with one 3.25mm straight needle and one 4 mm circular. Hopefully this means that the gauge will work out.

But goodness me, this W has been a saga! considering the number of years I've been knitting, I'd have imagined that I could have managed a 12 inch square without this much drama.

For more information about the project, including photos of completed letters from knitters with less numpty-ish tendencies than me, visit the poetry society website.