Sunday, September 14, 2008

Proving my versatility?

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Someone on Ravelry posted to say that the new Knitty has been launched for "fall 2008". Unable to resist the lure of free patterns but very conscious of my limited budget, I decided to see if there was something I could knit using existing stash. MummyB recently bought me some huge skeins (400g) of Aran and even though the pattern 'versatility' calls for 'bulky' (the equivalent of chunky in English), my tension square worked out perfectly with aran and 7mm needles.

It's not a tricky pattern in terms of technique but it does require concentration because each line is different. I'm using the written instructions rather than the chart because writing makes far more sense to me than diagrams.

Who knows whether I'll have the perseverance to keep going when I reach the cable stage?


Rosie said...

Versatlity really does look amazing. I'm sure you'll persever with it: think of how many different looks you'll get from it.

And I'm glad it isn't just me who prefers written instructions to charts.

LindyB said...

maybe it's cos we is/woz English students.... so we <3 words ;-)