Saturday, October 18, 2008

Blocking versatility

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As a fully paid-up member of the lazy knitters club, I'm a stranger to blocking. For some reason I decided that I should have a go with my versatility: the effort spent on those cables needed to be rewarded with some extra care. The trouble is... that the versatility is taller than me, and I don't have a piece of towel long enough to pin it onto, and nor do I have sufficient pins to get it properly rectangular. It also made my house smell of wet wool. Ughety ugh.

I hope that the result in the morning will be worth all this effort!

In the meantime, I've started a baby shrug for a family friend's new arrival.

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Rosie said...

Hope it smells beter now! I'm one of those naughty steam blockers who uses an iron instead of waiting patiently with that wet wool (reminds me of wet dog) smell...