Monday, November 10, 2008

wrist warmers gone wrong

wrist warmers gone wrong
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I'd based this pattern on one from the new Vogue Holiday knits for 2008. My tension/gauge was correct. But I think these fingerless gloves were designed for people with bigger bones than me. I think I'll have to frog back. again. sigh.


YowlYY said...

I have similar issues with wrists are just thinner than the average woman's - you have my sympathy! Happy frogging and a successful new cast-on...

L M said...

In fairness, almost the entire world has bigger bones than you ;-)

Did my mail reach you, by the way?

-n, wondering what a cipergab (today's verification word) could bebbb

LindyB said...

aargh, forgot to reply to that message: it's been a hectic week... will look through my inbox to find it.