Monday, June 18, 2012

June challenge 18: Laughter

I've recently started watching The Big Bang Theory. I love it! And when I read today's prompt, I decided that a video was the way to go. I can't watch this without laughing, even if the laugh is a quiet smile in a day of feeling low or tired. I hope that it brings smiles to your faces too :-D

I'd like Sheldon to speak for himself.

But to stay on track with the challenge I will just say that laughter has been an important part of my own recovery path, whether communal infectious giggles with friends in the hospital over stupid things nurses or doctors have said or even laughing with hindsight about some of the ridiculous things that the ED has made me do in the past such as my firm belief that hot water would make me fat because of the kinetic energy (*headdesk*), or feeding my rabbit soda bread in the early hours of the morning because I couldn't stop baking and I had no idea what to do with all the food...

Those things were horrible to live through. I suppose I can laugh now because recovery *does* help us get our humour back. It's something that professionals at hospital have said to me: when I am first admitted, I am a shell of a person, frightened to be, scared to take up space. In a few months, more *me* appears... I can allow myself to share my humour with other people. I want to hold onto *me* and not to return to that shell.


Unknown said...

I recently discovered BBT also and it is the BEST thing to watch when I need a laugh! I actually quoted Sheldon in my laughter post, too. The scene you have here is one of my favorite scenes. Nothing like a bunch of super-brains to make me giggle! Thanks for the laugh, and the post!

Jenn said...! big bang is one of my favorite shows EVER! i haven't missed an episode since it started. and sheldon seriously is one of the best people to make you laugh when you need a good laugh ; )