Thursday, October 03, 2013

In my occasional series...

...that is indicative of the rather random collection of subjects about which I write, here is this week's search keywords:

Disappointingly, "darning pointe shoes" hasn't scored any hits this week and nor has the old favourite "Dr Jane Shapleske". If she googles herself, I'm pretty sure that this blog is not where she wants to end up.

Anyway, sometimes I feel that I should be more focused because rule 1 of "being a good blogger" is to have a coherent theme. But this particular blog has always been about the different parts of me, whether that is darning ballet shoes, writing about eating disorders, knitting, making jam, posting photos of my dogs, reviewing a theatrical production .... and, yes, ranting about the poor standard of care I received, specifically from Dr Jane Shapleske and Cambs Adult EDS, while living in the CPFT area. 

And maybe it's important that I hold onto that variety. Because even though it's tempting for me to focus on the ED or mental health stuff, I don't want it to reflect the way that anorexia takes me over when I'm poorly and leaves me unable to think anything except the anorexic thoughts. So I'm going to carry on enjoying the diverse ways that people end up here, from searching a variety of topics, and celebrating that all of those things are part of me. 

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