Friday, January 11, 2008

Just to prove I can

Ribbon twist
Originally uploaded by LindyB28
After yesterday's post, I thought I should actually try wearing the only cardigan I've knitted for myself! I made it at the end of 2004 and like it. Trouble is a) it's too bulky to wear under a coat and b) it doesn't fasten up. There's a cord that ties with pom poms but that doesn't keep the two sides together.
Still it's OK for wearing in the house.


YowlYY said...

If it does not have buttons, why not use a kilt pin to close it at the front? Alternatively, if you have leftovers of the yarn, you could do a couple of i-cords to fasten at the front and tie up :)
And finally: why not knit a obi to tie at the waist and keep both sides together?

LindyB said...

I like the obi idea. The twisted cord that is part of the Honey pattern doesn't keep it together and the obi pattern looks good.

Rosie said...

I second the kilt pin/obi idea: that colour looks so gorgeous on you that you shouldn't leave the garment languishing in your wardrobe.

LindyB said...

Rosie: I think you were there when I started this project... in Sarah's room at Lucy back in michaelmas 2004!