Thursday, January 10, 2008

knitting jumpers

My current project. It seems, finally, to be working!

Considering the amount of time I've spent knitting, one would expect me to be on more than my second jumper. However, the awful result of an ill-conceived plan with Sirdar Wow! a few years ago completely put me off. The expense of buying so many balls of wool to produce an item more suitable for a weebly doll or a teletubby was a steep learning curve and encouraged me to stick to my favourite comfort knitting items: Jean Greenhowe toys, delicate baby knits and (of course) the poodles.
I knitted myself a cardigan in Rowan Ribbon Twist. I love it... but never wear it.

So maybe these experiences have contributed to the nightmare of beginning MummyB's birthday present. The pattern isn't difficult; it's well within my capabilities, but I've struggled with it ridiculously.
I think the worst is over now. The size looks about right. The lace pattern seems to look accurate and I'm on to a nice chunk of straight stocking stitch.

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YowlYY said...

It is a lovely jacket, this one in red :) Maybe you don't wear it that much because of the colour? It is quite aggressive, and must be worn with something that accentuates the contrast.