Saturday, August 02, 2008

getting longer

Originally uploaded by LindyB28
look it's still growing. I must admit that having to repeat the same pattern over and over is testing my limited attention span. It's a very easy knit and possibly not challenging enough to keep me as interested in it as I was when I started.


AC said...

This is coming along really fast and your wool choice is so lovely.
What pattern are you using?
Take care,
(allycoll on Ravelry)

LindyB said...

On Ravelry, it's listed as Clapotis and it's a free pattern from Knitty in 2004. The yarn I'm using is Noro (the first Noro I've ever bought) so it's self-patterning and lovely.

Thanks for favouriting it!

AC said...

Thanks for the info Linda:-)