Thursday, August 21, 2008

Junie B Jones...

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... needs a beauty shop guy. I think that before I post her to her new Mommy, I'll have to get the scissors out to try to curb the wild excesses of her mane. I'm fairly pleased with the way she looks overall and am glad that I had a go at experimenting with creating her clothes to be taken on and off.

That's my first Ravelympics project completed (for Team Cambridge). The blanket for Team Bob is going OK but I had to admit to finding it rather dull because it's a lot of the same, round and round, just making it big enough to be blanket shaped.


AC said...

She is great...and her hair is great as it is...very little girl untidy:-)
Take care,

Amber said...

Cuteness! My daughter and I are huge fans of Junie B., too. = )