Wednesday, May 30, 2012

HfC 30 Someday


I'll pick up some food in the supermarket without turning it over to read all the numbers. I might even put it in my basket.
I'll be able to plan holidays without even thinking about the food there, let alone feeling crippling anxiety about it.
I'll look at the yummy pastries, cupcakes and muffins in Starbucks or Costa and be able to choose one. I might be able to order it. I might be able to take a bite. Someday I might be able to eat the whole thing.
Someone might fall in love with me and I'll know what it is to be in love.
My dreams of being a mummy might come true; I'd be able to knit for my own baby instead of lots of things for other people's babies (because when I knit those things, happiness for my friends is intermingled with my own sadness about not being a mummy myself).

Someday I will no longer simply be existing: I will be living life abundantly and enjoying this amazing world.


Jenn said...

this is beautiful <3
and i know these things will happen for you ; )

LindyB said...

Thank you :-)