Tuesday, May 15, 2012

HfC day 15

I want to write today. But I've seen the topic and I can't. I really really can't.

The prompt is to 'write a letter to little me'. Maybe I'm so stuck on the topic because I hate myself for the things I've done to her. Photos of tiny little me show a happy bright child. But even in primary school, all the self-doubt and anxiety was there, and my first hospitalisation came just after my 11th birthday. I hurt inside for that little girl and don't know how to forgive myself for it all.

Here she is. I want for her (or me - little me and me now) to be able to smile like that again and to be free from the pain of negative and self-destructive thoughts.


Jenn said...

i know you will be able to heal that little girl inside of you. you will, you just need to keep fighting for her.

be gentle with yourself ; )

Anonymous said...

You are still that little girl Linda. She is inside you.

I hope are able to help her to smile again :)


LyzzyBee said...

Try writing a letter to that little girl, telling her how actually you will look after her and keep her safe. It feels a bit naff doing that kind of work, drawing a picture even, but it can be quite powerful without you knowing it. Do it when you're in a safe place or share it with someone, though, as it can be v powerful. xxxx