Tuesday, May 01, 2012

I write about Eating Disorders because:

Hungry for Change May Challenge: day 1

I write about EDs because? well, because it's my life. The first time I gave up eating was before my 11th birthday. Since then, I've seen life through the lens of anorexia. It hasn't stopped me achieving things. I got my degrees and my PhD from Cambridge. I have 2 dogs that I love beyond words. I love to sing. But I don't know how to be me without anorexia... Writing is an expression of self and so, how can I not write about EDs?

This is my first attempt to blog about it, but I've been writing about EDs, about being me, about life inside the safe, confining, isolating box of anorexia for years. I'm scared of letting other people read my writing, but I hope that, by doing so, someone might understand a bit more or someone else might feel a bit less alone.

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Team Recovery said...

Honest and absolute proof that anorexia is not a silly girls' illness and that people often don't realise that anorexia corrupts and blurs vision and can be hidden behind achievements and perfectionism.

<3 Stay strong and remember that you are MORE than ED.