Wednesday, May 02, 2012

HfC day 3: mascot

Wow. A mascot! I've never thought of one before and, at the moment, the only mascots I can think of are those slightly strange Olympic creatures with one eyes and space-age bodies.

A mascot for recovery needs to encompass love: loving me as I am now, but loving me enough to want me to be free from illness.

I suppose, for me, my dogs are my mascots. They give an unconditional love that makes me begin to see that, perhaps, I'm not entirely worthless: if these guys love me so much, there must be something loveable about me. But they need me to be well and I owe it to them to try to be strong enough for them, and strong enough never to have to leave them alone while I'm in hospital. They need a "mummy" who can feed herself as well as she feeds them and who values herself as much as they value her.

Introducing my beloved mascots, Benji (top) and Midge:


Allysson said...

yeah, you do deserve all the best girlie! and what a cute doggies... <3

Fancy Free Blogger said...

So precious. :)